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Arsenic Removal Filters


  • Iron based adsorption media
  • Non-regenerative media
  • Parallel or series configuration
  • Pressure vessel system


  • Proven, state-of-the-art iron-oxide adsorption particles effectively remove both types of Arsenic (III & V) from your water supply
  • Iron-oxide used in POU and POE filter systems
  • Operates over a wide range of pH and water quality conditions
  • Adsorptive media can operate in water quality where an RO system typically needs pre-treatment
  • Simple to operate
  • Pre-oxidation not required
  • Eliminates chemical handling
  • Low maintenance
  • Solid waste disposal
  • Performance assurance based on actual conditions
  • No arsenic containing wastewater or large volumes of RO wastewater to discharge into your septic/leach fields
  • Used adsorption particles are easily replaced and are easily disposable with regular household trash as non-hazardous solid waste
  • No wasted water down the drain, like in an RO system
  • Consistent arsenic removal performance
  • Written arsenic removal performance guarantees
  • Replacement of adsorption particles is based upon a pre-determined gallon rating for each particular system (POU or POE) and the raw water quality, which includes any pre-treatment equipment
  • Costs are similar or less than other systems 
  • Sarjan India Primo Water Treatment Plant
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