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UF Plant


  • Compact unit with robust mild steel powder coated frame
  • Range of models with capacities from 30l/h up to 32,000l/h
  • Built in safety features to protect high pressure pump membranes
  • Fully assembled and tested before dispatch
  • On-line device to monitor treated water quality


  • Available in pressurized or submerged configurations suitable for multiple plant requirements
  • Employs a robust membrane fibre that ensures long term integrity
  • Stand-alone pre-packaged units and components for larger projects have been designed to be assembled in the factory to the greatest extent possible to simplify installation
  • Consistent water quality from any source water
  • Effective pathogen removal
  • Lowest lifecycle cost through optimized energy and chemical use
  • Compact design resulting in small system footprint

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  • Sarjan India Primo Water Treatment Plant
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